ever regret saying you miss school?

You could be the happiest person in the world, walking down the road with all your dreams ahead of you, until suddenly you trip and scrape your knee. I don’t know where that rock came from or if the scar is still visible or not. But there’s always that one day of the year where I get reminded that I stopped walking for a bit and got hurt.

It’s funny how easily a person disappears but no one notices. Six billion people in the world. Always.

Just like how once the blood dries and the pain dulls you start walking again, only with a slight limp this time, time will keep rolling that reel and try to make up for the missing space.



mostly nature

~My Hidden Nirvana~


Artist: Watson Atkinson
Twine St. Portland, Maine
White Ink

thats cool but it’s going to turn yellow

Ever feel like if you leave, either someone or everyone will die? It seems to be the direction everything’s been going lately.
Is this what my professor means by opportunity costs? The suffering now will in turn be outweighed by the profits of the future?
Is that an investment I’m willing to make?