thinking of taking dance classes, but i’m not sure i’ll survive

Walter van Beirendonck menswear s/s 2015

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Carl Sagan bunnies!made by The Stitchy Button on etsy(and teenies here!)

i want this…
i should be cleaning my room..

but i’d rather look up japan flights and kittens…

we love you, grandpa…

just don’t make us leave the house.

how does one’s head choose to simply not hurt?

yes, ma’am. I know I have to be patient and the full two hours haven’t passed since I last called, but you also have to understand. i activated my phone last night. and since then, i’ve been told to wait two hours three times since 7:30 am. I’m pretty sure two hours have passed since then and my phone is still not activated even though it was supposed to be at 9pm last night…

holy fucking shit,

what the fuck was that ending? i know i’m late, but i finally got around to watching the last two eps of hamatora and i literally screamed. i mean, i kinda saw it coming that art wasn’t dead but WHAT THE FUCKS?! I hope my favorite’s still alive.. cuz that’d just ruin the point of me watching this.. 

Can’t wait for the next season!!